Services in Rocklin and Fair Oaks CA

Finally, a shredding contractor that focuses primarily on residential and small business customers. We are delighted to be a part of your community and have the utmost respect for our environment, and support for California's industry. Do your part, and face the facts and not have to worry about the risks. Our drop-off locations provide a very simple, easy, quick, and cost-effective method for protecting yourself and your customers from identity theft, as well as keeping your business compliant with document destruction laws and regulations. We also provide proper e-waste disposal to our customers. Red Dog Shredz provides instant service the moment you walk in our door: Watch your sensitive documents and media get shredded within minutes, and leave with the ultimate peace of mind.

What We Shred

  • Account record and ledgers
  • Advertising Material
  • Applications
  • Appraisals
  • Bank Statements
  • Bids and quotes
  • Budgets
  • Business plans
  • Cancelled checks
  • CD's
  • Client lists
  • Contact lists
  • Corporate tax records
  • Correspondence
  • Customer records
  • Disciplinary reports and promotions
  • Educational reports
  • Expense reports
  • Financial statements
  • Floppy disks
  • Forecasts
  • Cash
  • Formulas, product plans and tests
  • Legal documents
  • Lottery tickets
  • Magnetic media
  • Maps and blueprints
  • Marketing plans
  • Medical records
  • Microfilm and microfiche
  • Payroll documents
  • Performance appraisals
  • Personal files
  • Credit cards and ID cards
  • Sales forecasts
  • Specification drawings
  • Strategic reports
  • Strategies
  • Supplier purchase orders
  • Test scores and class rosters
  • Training information
  • Treatment programs

Protect yourself and your customers from identity theft the quick, convenient, and inexpensive way: It only takes a few moments! On your way to work, your way home, or between errands… Time is no longer an issue!
Facing the Facts, Accepting the Risks
Since identity theft is the #1 crime on the rise in America, and has risen 600% since the year 2000, Red Dog Shredz saw the opportunity to become the leader in providing a foolproof model for document destruction directly to individuals and small businesses who are consistently ignored or overcharged by the larger-scale shredding companies. Identity thieves don't discriminate: They target the biggest international corporations, you and your family, and everyone in between. Unfortunately, seeing yourself or your customers as immune to the risk of identity theft (such as the “it can't happen to us” mentality) makes you less vigilant about protecting potentially sensitive information, and therefore more vulnerable to having it abused.
Do Your Part
Every company and organization in the United States has a legal obligation to protect your personal information. Your bank and financial advisors, your insurance providers, your creditors, and most of the other companies and services who have earned your trust do their part to help protect your identity, but if you're not shredding your own personal information, you're creating a level of risk for yourself that they can't protect you from. A trusted partner like Red Dog Shredz can help take this potentially costly liability for securing this information off your shoulders by shredding your documents while-you-watch, and providing a receipt/invoice and Certificate of Destruction to you or your business.
Proper e-Waste Disposal
Red Dog Shredz also provides a convenient way for you to recycle your old electronic equipment as well! Bring us your old computers, monitors, TVs, phones, fax machines, copiers, and other miscellaneous electronic equipment, and Red Dog Shredz will recycle them for a fee to help protect the environment. Computer Hard Drive destruction is also available, both for large and small quantities.
Respect for our environment, and support for California's industry
All material– paper, cardboard, media, x-rays, and eWaste– is promptly and securely transported back to our warehouse after being shredded/processed, where it is then sorted, baled/palletized, and delivered directly by our family to a local northern California recycling plant.
We are delighted to be a part of your community
Now that Red Dog Shredz has arrived in your neighborhood, you'll never again have to waste upwards of $50.00 for a personal shredding machine and spend countless hours doing all that work yourself. Save yourself time, money, and the headaches: Come visit us here at Red Dog Shredz today!
Senior Citizens Service
We now offer a special service for Senior Citizens 65 years and older. Our mobile truck will come straight to your home and shred your documents for just $12.00 a box, no matter how many boxes!! Every 2nd Tuesday of the month you can count on Red Dog Shredz to make your life a little easier… from lifting your heavy boxes, and shredding your documents, to getting rid of cardboard boxes. We will make this a simple yet satisfying experience.
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